What are the baby on board sign rules?

What Are The “Baby On Board Sign” Rules?

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Rumor has it that the death of a baby in a car accident could have been prevented by a ‘Baby on Board’ sign! This is a bit of a sad story. A mother woke up from a coma after a car accident. She immediately asked for her baby, but the doctors said they had no clue that there was a baby in the car.

So, when they went back to the location of the accident, they discovered that the baby was catapult out of the window while the car was rolling. This tends to happen if people break the baby on board sign rules.

Like I said, this isn’t the most uplifting story, but I believe it will make anyone think about the importance of a Baby on Board sign for their car. If she had a “Baby on Board” sign sticker, the emergency personnel would have known to look for a baby.

There are a few criteria for your signage that you need to keep in mind. One such “Baby on Board” signage that meets all driving and safety requirements that we recommend is the Reflective and Magnetic Baby on Board Sign by Bayamo on Amazon.

“Baby on Board!” sign rules:

  • Put up “Baby on Board!” sign if there is a child in your vehicle.

As concluded in the story above, the signal is essential for emergency workers responding to a car accident. The sign is intended to make them aware that there might be children involved in the accident. They then have to search the area for babies or children, especially if the adult or adults are knocked out and are incapable of informing the rescue team.

It does not seem like much, but putting up a sign is actually pretty important when you are traveling with your kid. If you follow this rule, you will notice that people will drive more carefully around, if they know that there is a baby in the backseat, and who doesn’t want that?

  • Parents should only use “Baby on Board!” sign when the baby is actually in the car/automobile.

Do not use the “Baby on Board!” sign just for the sake it. Also, do not use this sign to receive special privileges at parking garages. You must only use this sign when you have a baby in the car. If you have the Baby on Board sign up and there is no baby inside your car, you will mislead the emergency team in the circumstance of a road crash.

Time is highly valuable in any case of emergency, and the last thing the rescue squad needs to do is a waste time and try to find a baby who is not even in the car instead of tending to the injured adults.

  • Human nature

Another attribute of having the “Baby on Board” sign up on the rear window of your car is that we can contemplate that human being is largely kindhearted and protective towards babies and little kids.

So, seeing a sign that says “Baby on Board” in the car ahead, will automatically make any driver alert and conscious of the way he or she is driving at that time, and also remind them that they should be driving more carefully. There is no doubt that we should always be driving safely but the “Baby on Board” yellow and black sticker gains benefit by promoting a natural instinct within us.

Below is a video explaining some of the do’s and dont’s about Baby on Board Signs.

  • “Baby on Board” sign for babies who are sleeping in the car

To put humorously; at certain occasions, the “Baby on Board “sign may also mean  ” Do not come near my car, dear drivers, as I am sleep deprived and absolutely out of my senses, and am driving a car while I am in charge of a little baby here, as well!”

Other than warning other drivers that you are definitely sleep deprived, there is another aspect to the sign as well. Basically, the “Baby on Board” stickers are also used to make other drivers aware of the fact that you will probably be driving under the speed limit, using your turn signals properly, and not drive recklessly.

When all hell break loses, and sleepless parents have no idea what to do to calm their cranky babies down; those parents prefer to drive their babies in the car around the neighborhood in order to lull their grouchy, tired babies to sleep. The magical and mysterious movement of a moving car seems to calm little kids and babies down and put them to sleep.  

Then when their babies are finally sleeping, and their life seems like it’s back to normal with no deafening cries coming from the babies, the poor parents drive around without direction to keep the babies asleep. While they are driving aimlessly, the “Baby on Board” sticker comes in handy.

  • Baby on Board” sign serves as a WARNING.

This rule is specifically for those who happen to see cars that have the “Baby on Board” sign sticker on the windows. This sign is not only for the emergency personnel to know that there is an infant in the vehicle in case of a crash or for the drivers to drive cautiously since there is a baby in the car.  “Baby on Board” sign is also warning to the motorists and drivers that they should presume unexpected, inexplicable and sudden driving because of the possibly disruptive behavior of their young kids.

The consequence of having a baby on board is about the equivalent of driving with just one hand. Babies or toddlers scream and yell, throw up randomly, cry madly, drop and touch things they are not supposed to touch and overall are almost as bad as a cell phone in terms of distracting the driver from their job of driving. The “Baby on Board” sign is a warning to other drivers that the car can act unpredictably and erratically, and that accordingly they must implement increased care and attentiveness around it.

However, if this is the circumstance the parent who is driving should not be handling the wheel as he or she is basically committing the violation of distracted and unfocused driving. Nonetheless, fellow drivers should always stay alert in conditions like these.

  • Conclusion

If you live in the city, you might have had the chance to see that every car there will have the recognizable “Baby on Board” sign at the back window. If you are not a parent, you may find yourself wondering, what is this sign? Is a bunch of parents trying to show off their babies? Don’t worry we have the answers! The original purpose of the symbol is to reassure safe driving.

A standard “Baby on Board!” sign is diamond shaped and of black and yellow color that anyone can identify from miles away. The sign is usually stuck to the rear window of an automobile. These signs are specifically designed to notify other drivers and passengers that you are traveling with a child and also to alert the motorists that a child is in the vehicle in the occasion of an accident and encourage others to be more cautious. In the 1980s these signs were initially put out by the Safety 1st Company.

However, there are some people who believe that the “Baby on Board!” is just a joke or a gimmick or entirely irrelevant. They think putting up these signs is merely stupid as someone will not think “oh no there is a child in that vehicle, so I must not smash into them.” If someone is about to smash into you, it will not even matter whether you have the sign-up or not.

The “Baby on Board” sign accomplishes exactly what it is supposed to accomplish if whenever you see this particular sign, you wonder:

  • Am I driving safely?
  • Am I driving too fast or too slow?
  • Am I too close to the vehicle?
  • Am I attentive to my personal situational awareness?
  • Is the car behind me at a safe distance?
  • Are there cars in my blind spot?

You can find great baby on board stickers, magnets, and much more options on Amazon. We recommend the Reflective and Magnetic Baby on Board Sign by Bayamo for your car.


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