Best Toys For Infants 0-3 Months

Best Toys For Infants 0-3 MonthsBeing new to this world, babies love to learn and explore. Each sight, sound or taste is a completely new experience for them. I think all parents understand the importance of toys for the development of a healthy and happy baby. When shopping for toys, try to look for toys that are unique and can capture and keep your baby’s attention. Although entertaining, parents also need to make sure that the toy is safe. Mentioned below are the best toys for infants 0-3 months old.


Best 0-3 months Baby Toys Batteries required
Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy No
Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Toy Yes
Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini Activity Mat Yes
Bearington Baby Lil’ Spout Grey Elephant Belly Blanket No
Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing Yes
CLOTH BOOK Baby Soft Books for Newborn Babies No
Animal Soft Baby Socks Toys Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders No
SmartNoggin Developmental Light-up Rattle Yes
Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector Yes

Manhattan Toy Winkle Rattle and Sensory Teether ToyBest Toys 0 to 3 months

This rattle plus teether makes a perfect toy for infants. Teething babies tend to get extremely grumpy and fussy due to itching in gums. This toy contains a maze of plastic tubes that is safe as well as soft and is perfect for soothing sore baby gums. These plastic loops also promote motor skills such as clutching onto objects, moving their tongue around, etc. greatly adding to their development.

Moreover, the bright colors attract your little ones while the middle rattle cube makes a pleasant sound, making this toy perfect to keep your child engaged for a long time.

It is a safe BPA-free product that can easily be washed and is suitable for children between 0 to 24 months. It is also a light-weight toy that can easily be handled by tiny child hands and it will not cause any harm to your precious one.
This toy is loved by many users and has a 4-star rating with many positive feedbacks for numerous happy customers. Many people commented on this item is soft and a really pleasing toy for babies.

Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Toy

Infants get really difficult when strapped into a car seat for a long period of time. They get troublesome and begin crying and trying to comfort them while on the road isn’t always an option.

The Taf Toys Infant Car Toy is a product designed specifically to keep your young ones entertained for a long time. The product comes with three soft, plush rattling toys allowing the baby to feel and grab while the stunning bright colors attract the baby, all of these helping to develop the baby’s motor skills.

It also plays a soft jingle when the babies kick on the pad, capturing their attention, developing the aural senses and maybe even lead them into a deep sleep. Moreover, this Taf Infant Car toy is equipped with a baby safe mirror that further aids in the development of your child’s visual sense, promoting self-recognition.

This car toy can easily be attached to any car seat while the Velcro straps allow easy height adjustment as well.
This product has a 4-star rating and is much loved by multiple parents. However, a few users complained of it being a barrier and blocking the rear view mirror that parents use to check on their child.

Tiny love Dynamic Gymini Activity Mat Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini Activity Mat

The Dynamic Gymini Mat is an innovative product that can be customized for the different development stages of your baby.  It comes with adjustable arches to provide a wide range of play modes for your child.

It also features an open-arch mode that creates enough space for both the baby and the parent, during feeding or playtimes, helping to strengthen the parent-child bond.

In addition, this Tiny Love product also comes with numerous hanging rattle toys as well as recording toys that plays soothing music and flashes enchanting lights, keeping the baby busy for hours while promoting the development of language, communication, and cognition.

This item also promotes self-recognition in babies with its baby safe mirror. The mat itself is a soft pad that can easily be washed and changed. This is a much-loved product with about 4.1-star rating on Amazon. Many users loved the size of this item, measuring about 1.9 x 24.1 x 36 inches which mean ample space for your child to play and move around freely.

Bearington Baby Grey Elephant Belly Blanket

Bearington Baby Lil' Spout Grey Elephant Belly BlanketBearington Baby products are high-quality products with thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. This baby floor blanket is soft and comfortable and is loved by children and parents alike.

It is a plush blanket that can be used for playtime as well as tummy time, maybe even a short nap if the baby is too tired from all the playing. The measures are about 30 x 30 inches, giving enough room for your little one to move around.

It can be placed on any hard surface because the padded mat provides a velvety feel and ensures a soft and cozy feeling to your baby. It is suitable for use by children from age 0 to above and can be easily washed.

The cute elephant face and trunk is really loved by children to play with. Many people rate this product about 4.5 stars out of 5. Some call this belly blanket a perfect gift for baby showers, first birthdays, etc. as well as a great addition to a jungle themed nursery.

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable SwingThis swing is soft and comfortable for your little one to sleep in as well as play in. This is a high-quality product by Ingenuity that can be easily carried around the house or anywhere you go.

This Ingenuity Swing comes with 6 speeds, allowing you to set it a pace that your baby enjoys the most. Moreover, it is also a 2 position recliner that is adjusted at an angle that is the most comfortable for your child. It also comes with two foam plush animal toys with pivots for easy access for your child.

The swing also plays 6 different baby melodies with a volume controller and an auto-shut function.  The seat itself is padded to be soft and gentle on your precious baby. The seat also has removable head support, and both of these can be removed and washed.
This Ingenuity product is rated a 3.8 star out of 5 with the major problem faced by the users is the seat isn’t very upright and stays in a flat, lying position that may not be suitable for a growing baby.

Fabric Activity Crinkle Cloth Book Educational Toy for Baby for Babies

CLOTH BOOK Baby Soft Books for Newborn BabiesIt is never too late to start reading to your little one. This soft book is a perfect item for your little one. With bright, attractive colors and numerous interactive activities inside, this little book can keep your child busy for hours.

The soft polyester pages include a peekaboo flap, mirrors, countless touch-and-feel textures as well as fun sounds. All of these help in the development of important skills in your child such a language, communication, reading, imagination, sensory skills and many more.

Furthermore, the soft pages will ensure no paper cuts while the strong stitching will keep the book from wear and tear. It can easily be washed as well when soaked in spit and food stains. Many parents absolutely love this item and have given it a good 4.5 star out of 5. People loved that this product by ToBeReadyForLife has a 1 month 100% money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with it.

SMTF Animal Baby Sock Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder Toy

Cute Animal Soft Baby Socks Toys Wrist RattlesThis set of two hands and two-foot straps by SMTF is an amazing item for your little ones. These wristies and footies are brightly colored that ensure to capture your child’s attention and keep them gazing and playing for a long time.

These hand and foot straps are also equipped with rattles. These make pleasant sounds every time your child moves its little hands and feet about. All this helps in developing baby’s vision and focus due to the high-contrast colors and patterns as well as stimulate the baby’s muscles as they move their hands and feet.

It also stimulates the development of fine motor skills as the baby explores and discovers. Although SMTF wrist rattle toy and foot finder are given a 3.8 star, there are numerous comments complaining about the straps being too weak and the baby being able to yank them off.

SmartNoggin NogginStik Light-Up Rattle

SmartNoggin NogginStik Developmental Light-up RattleThis rattle toy by SmartNoggin can be easily called the first-ever learning toy for your child. The NogginStik Light-Up Rattle promotes your baby’s early milestones while helping parents or caregivers to initiate activities and interaction that will promote the healthy development of your baby as well increase the bond between your child and you.

It lights up as well as plays sweet sounds to improve the visual and aural senses of your little one.

It is a high-quality toy that can last longer than any other ordinary rattle toy. This is a perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, etc. Many therapists also make use of this SmartNoggin Light-Up rattle to monitor baby growth and development.
Satisfied parents call this toy a great investment and even recommend it to other parents. It has a strong 4.1-star rating on Amazon.

Remote Control Ocean Wave Projector

Remote Control Ocean Wave ProjectorA fun, light projector for your room or your baby’s nursery to keep them engaged for a long time. This item has 12 LED night lamp and 7 color changing light modes that can be projected onto the wall or ceiling.

The light modes are calm and relaxing to watch such as the ocean, purple atmosphere, disco lights, magic zones, aurora borealis, etc. It has a built-in speaker that plays soft melody and lullabies as well as multiple natural sounds to develop aural senses. These also help to put your baby into a deep, peaceful slumber.

Moreover, it can be easily controlled with a remote that has several sensory touch buttons for functions such as changing light modes, adjusting volume, turn the lamp on or off, set an automatic turn off the timer and many such helpful functions.

It is also portable and can be taken to any corner of the house. It is suitable for use in rooms of newborns as well as grown teenagers.
This Ocean Wave Projector by Hallomall is considered a fun accessory for a baby’s nursery by many parents.

It is rated as a strong 4.5 star with numerous parents loving how their little ones got to lose in the beautiful ocean waves projected onto the ceiling and stared at it until falling into a deep sleep.


With this list of top 10 absolute favorite toys and product, you now know what the must-haves are for your baby. Instead of comparing and matching features, you can now simply visit your nearby toy store and get exactly what you want. These products are safe, easy to use and to set up. They ensure the utmost safety of your child while providing constant love, support, and entertainment. Your child will enjoy them and might just fall in love with them even when they are all grown up. This list also provides you with great gift ideas for baby showers, monthly birthdays and other such events. All new parents and parents-to-be will surely love these items for their adorable little one.


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